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Ya Boy the Fee or The Fee

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Born and Raised out of South East Fresno, Ca., Fee began dabbling with music at an early age. Brought up out of tumultuous circumstances in his past, Fee has developed himself into a Hip Hop wordsmith, creating vivid mental imagery of his environment around him. Fee has a resume of 3 albums (Sorry For the Delay, Nice To Meet Me, and Feeast) as well as 5 mixtapes/EP’s (Drunkn Bears, Listen, High Def, Gully, and 2 Sides of the Story) under his belt and there’s no sign of him slowing down any time soon. Heavily influenced by all coasts and areas of Hip Hop, Fee continues to challenge himself within Hip Hop’s elements, displaying his versatility and love for music, often.

Coming Soon: Still Gully EP prod TableTop559
Bad Hombres (Fee and The Points) “Feed The Wolves EP”

Contact info:
IG: @YaBoytheFee
Twitter: @YaBoytheFee

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