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The 1st Dragonfly Babe shirt!

And the 1st official dragonfly babe !!

Introducing Carrie Bryson

Carrie is a professional handling payroll and H.R at Hire Up Staffing agency and is celebrating 10 years with the company. In her free time she enjoys gardening her extensive succulent collection, is a big music fan of classic rock and loves to attend live music events. Also enjoys art going to museums and loves to paint.

She has been a loyal Dragonfly customer for over eight years, loves all products especially honey and mango lotion and candles. Since she is a fan of art she also loves to purchase unique one of a kind hand painted artistic pieces including the bottles or candles when they are available on the website.

Carrie is proud to be the 1st official Dragonfly Babe and is so happy to be modeling the shirt for the company. And we are so excited and honored to have her as a model and customer.

Join her in the Dragonfly Babe movement and get your shirt today.

Also send us an email with pictures and bio if you would like to be a brand ambassador !

Have a beautiful day stay moisturized and healthy!



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