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new bath and body line

bigger better and a new fragrance!

hello beautiful people !!

We’ve been hard at work and we’re proud to announce our launch of our favorite new bath and body line ! Everyone has been asking when are we gonna put out a 16oz candle? Well here she is meet Gold Dust Women she is bigger, better more magical and made with all the same wonderful ingredients that our other soaps, lotions, and candles are made with. She has a beautiful new label and a whole new fragrance that we know you are gonna love !

This candle, body lotion and soap has a unique combination to create a very beautiful fragrance. It is a combination of patchouli, vanilla a touch of Lilly and just a kiss of citrus and plum, we knew Gold Dust Women had to be special for this candle. It’s truly impossible to describe but we all imagine that it is what Stevies hair smells like lol. You definitely do not have to be a Stevie fan to enjoy just a fan of smelling good and or having a fragrant ambiance in your home or office. So please hit those icons on the bottom of this page to help spread the word or tag a candle or Stevie nicks fan.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and love of this small female owned company! Oh again we are always looking for new Dragonfly Babes so if you are someone you know is interested in representing our brand contact us at

Stay safe, kind clean and moisturized and keep washing those hands with Dragonfly Company soap.

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