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Men and women love our Cerveza

I cant wait to tell you about this amazing soap, lotion and candle !!

Hello dragonfly babes and dragonfly dudes, I’m excited to spread the word about my Cerveza soap, lotion and candles. Years ago I had the idea of making some lotions with some beer and hops so I got in my kitchen and started experimenting. Eventually I came up with a wonderful recipe that has an amazing fragrance (no it does not smell like beer) its very clean and fresh with a touch of jasmine, amber, citrus and musk. Perfect for a man or women.

Most people don’t realize there are some benefits for your skin in beer.

1. Hops soothe irritation

2. Contains Polyphenol an antibacterial

3. Our Cerveza soap actually has hops and barley to gently exfoliate your body

I hope everyone tries it because once you do you will love it. Please tell a friend !!

Remember when you purchase my hand made products the benefits are the wonderful natural ingredients such as almond oil & avocado oil that nourishes & moisturizes your skin. Also you know it was made with a personal touch & attention to detail you wont get from commercial products.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing - R

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