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Huge Summer Sale Happening Now


We all need a break from the heat so how bout 50% off all Tank Tops and T-shirts now until the end of July !!! Just get on our website and when you are ready to order use Promo Code SUMMER and get your discount , yes thats all you have to do ! Also please remember to check on your eldrly neighbors and family, dogs , cats and children because this heat is no joke, we have got to stay hydrated and take care of one another. 

I would like to thank Mark Florez of Fresno Ca for the wonderful shout out . I dont have any male shirts available right now but he managed to get one while I had it online and he really liked it . Remember seeing pictures of my products in your homes or getting nice words about my shirts, lotins or any of my products brings so much happiness just keep them coming !!!

I will be coming out with some new apperal designs for all the chicas out there but do you think I should make some mens shirts again? Contact me and let me know! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and sharing and telling all your friends !! ~R

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