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Happy International Women’s Day !

Celebrate you !!

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Shout out to my daughter on this day for being a strong and independent women. She graduated from Fresno State while pregnant with my 1st grandson. She is currently a loan officer at a local bank, a wonderful wife, mother and awesome daughter, don’t forget to honor a beautiful women in your life today !

Just like a white winged dove

Shout out to my mom an amazing strong lady that graduated from high school on time with me by her side as a teen mom. She went on to graduate from beauty college at night while working during the day with two kids (me and my brother) and then opening one of the 1st nail shops in the early 80’s that is still open to this day !!

Are you a Gold Dust Women?

Sometimes we just need to spoil ourselves or an amazing women we know and love don’t ya think ? It doesn’t have to wait for a birthday or a holiday how bout today ?

Thing about lighting this candle, filling the bath tub with a glass of wine, washing off with the luxurious White Winged dove soap and then moisturizing with a matching lotion !! Difficult to describe this soft fragrance but I will try.

I added a touch of Jasmine, rose, a kiss of citrus, a tiny bit of sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla and sweet musk!! Yes it is one of the most popular bath and body lines I have ever created I’m very proud of this crowd pleaser.

I hope we all continue to encourage, uplift & empower all the women that we know and work with because the world needs more positivity. Not just your loved ones but reach out to the quiet, the awkward, the oddball the angry one.

They need it the most there is a reason why they don’t feel comfortable or lash out, so get out of your comfort zone and remember to be kind to each other !

Thank you for reading , your continued support and please share or tell a friend.

Hugs and light ,


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