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Hand Sanitizer or Soap?

Staying home and staying safe !

Well this is month two of staying home, not working and practicing social distancing how is everyone getting through it ? I’m struggling with not being around people, not working and not being able to go to a restaurant, baseball games or concerts.

Then we got the essential workers out there grinding away everyday.

Nurses, Doctors, truck drivers, delivery drivers, field workers everyone is putting them selves at risk to keep the rest of the economy that wasn’t shut down moving and here at DRAGONFLY COMPANY we thank you! When ever you go out remember to be kind and courteous to the bank tellers, grocery workers and to each other we are all going through the same thing. Also since more people are wearing masks and gloves be a good, intelligent human and find a trash can to throw away these items instead of leaving them in parking lots ! Ok? It’s really not that difficult to keep them in your car or trunk and then throw them away at your home or office.

Now for some reason people are using hand sanitizer more often then they used to and are finding that they are ending up with dry cracked hands. The reason for this is because hand sanitizer has ALOT of alcohol and very little aloe vera in it. So what I recommend for you is two things, use a wonderful all natural lotion to keep your skin soft and moisturized. More importantly stop using hand sanitizer too frequently because it is totally unnecessary. Always choose soap before a hand sanitizer first. The CDC, doctor’s and nurses all recommend soap, why ? Because it actually kills germs more effectively than a hand sanitizer and wont dry out your skin. If you are using a quality soap that is. A quality hand made soap and lotion is all you need during this uncertain time and practicing social distancing and of course basic proper hygiene. So everyone stay safe, healthy and sane and try to remember that its almost over and we will all get through this together.

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