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Gingerbread candles, soaps and lotions

Winter time only

Hi everyone how is everybody’s Christmas shopping going, well I’m not even close to being done ugh!!

Just a friendly reminder that there is only a short time left till Christmas and my pumpkin spice and gingerbread candles, soaps, lotions are only available during the winter season. Pictured here is my last Gingerbread in this beautiful container Now is the perfect time to get some unique gifts and avoid long lines just order online and it will get sent to you !

Also in case you didn’t know my candles, soaps, lotions are made with maximum fragrance oil to provide the most potent scent. My candles burn evenly and cleanly so no need to worry about adverse effects to you or your family, because I choose to make them with premium soy wax with no additives or petroleum .

Thank you everyone for your support and love towards my products and small business , Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year !


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