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Fun & Useful Ideas to use Lavender oil & our Lavender Products

Hi Dragonfly babes and Dragonfly dudes how is everyone feeling ? We are all going through some crazy political times right now and seems everyone is tired and stressed out, so here are a few ideas to create some peace and well being.

1. Did you know that lavender may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression and restlessness!

So picture this. You a bath tub, Dragonflycompany bath bomb, Dragonflycompany lavender candle and a nice glass of wine with your favorite tunes gently playing in the background. Sounds nice right ? Well we all deserve it!

2. Now while you are in the shower or bath tub to keep the calming vibes continuing you have got to exfoliate your body with the sweet lavender buds in our lavender soap. Yes our lavender bar soap has actual dried lavender buds in each bar. Don’t forget exfoliation of dead skin cells is very important because it leaves your body feeling fresh, buffed and rejuvenated.

3. So you are fresh, clean and relaxed now we have to hydrate and moisturize that whole body people.

Dragonflycompany lotion has lavender oil in it so that means it will keep you smelling wonderful and help with the sleeplessness. This is how you get ready for bed in a way that will have you waking up in the morning fully re energized.

4. Some of us are so stressed out we are suffering from hair loss so just grab some of Dragonflycompany lotion and rub it right on your scalp, straight lavender oil on the scalp is even more effective so don’t be afraid to add a couple drops to promote hair growth!

5. Last but not least lavender is know to have anti inflammatory properties so when the pesky bug bites you or for minor burns. Apply a little Dragonflycompany lavender lotion or oil to help heal minor burns and bug bites !

I hope you found my ideas helpful and i hope you try them soon.

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