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Happy October everyone !! The cool fresh air is upon us and it makes me feel rejuvenated and full of energy.

How has everyone been during this crazy time in history? We have a lot of challenges and an upcoming election, I just want to encourage everyone to vote with an open heart and an open mind and remember we always need positive leadership in our homes, work and most importantly The White House.

Thank god 2020 is almost over and a lot of us made it, but over 2,000 of us didn’t (RIP) but if we stay on the same team and not be annoyed by wearing a mask, washing hands, don’t go to work, school or shopping while sick ,,,, well then we will help each other tremendously!!

We have a lot of Pumpkin Spice and Ginger Bread fans out there so I’m letting everyone know that those items in a soap, lotion and candle are back for the season on the website. Please share and let your family and friends know as word of mouth is keeping me is business and I really appreciate it.


Also I would like to thank everyone that purchased my Dragonfly Cocktail glasses , they were difficult to make and I probably wont make anymore but Fresno REALLY came thru and got a cool unique item and I’m so grateful.

Most importantly I want to show my appreciation for the love and support of my small local owned business by offering each and everyone of you a discount.

Just get on the website and type in HAPPYFALL2020 for 20% off all items on the website!! So do some early shopping before the holidays and save some money.

Remember be safe, wash your hands, be kind and be smart.

We can make our world better if we are better people..

R.I.P Eddie Van Halen 

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