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dragonfly babe of the month

sienna Delsid

Well how is everyone doing ?!?

I’m hanging in there the best I can staying busy with my orders and working on a complete new line with a new look and new fragrance. I took a break from that because I had to do a photo shoot with my new T-shirt design that I hope all of you Dragonfly babes and Chicas really dig.

So let me introduce (my daughter) the beautiful the talented Sienna Delsid. She is a proud “boy mom” of two amazing mijos a, happily married wife and a proud Alumna of Fresno State Universty class of 2018. She is 25 years old in a few weeks, self proclaimed music enthusiast, Chicana and concert goer. I picked her this month because I thought she would look amazing in my new “Chica” design let me tell you why. The shirt is comfortable as they always are but this design is a little edgy, has a touch of Rock-n-Roll with a sprinkle of Latina in there. Perfect for the cool chic, the artist, the entrepreneur or anyone that just loves winged hearts and comfy t-shirts to lounge around the house in, or snap a couple of cute selfies because right now that’s about all we can do LOL!!

The New Chica Shirt!

Oh also I’m always looking for new Dragonfly babes so if you live in the Fresno area, please email us your information so that you can be featured on our Dragonfly company news letter, blog and social media platforms, its a great way to promote your business or model skills or get some free gear and or products! If you do not live in the Fresno area and would still like the exposure and 30% discount then be a Dragonfly babe ambassador again just contact us with all your information.

Well friends its time for me to make some carne asada tacos for my my husband we are both getting hungry !! Do me a favor and show some love by sharing this blog to a Dragonfly Babe or a cute Chica you think might love this shirt !! The media icons are at the bottom of this page.

Thank you all for your continued love, support and telling your friends !! Let’s remember to be kind, patient and loving to one another and Vote in 2020.


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