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1st to know about flash sale !


How is every one doing now that things are getting better around the world? 

Im doing and feeling great to have everything slowly and safely re-open so that we can all start enjoying life again ! 

First I want to talk about my 1st Bundle box ! It has all my Gold Dust Women Bath and Body products plus a few extras. Its comes packaged in a very pretty purple box, our biggest 16oz candle, a lotion, bar soap and a delicate lightening bolt necklace. I only have a few left which makes me so happy that everybody enjoyed buying everything in one package. I will definetly offer that again but before I make another bundle box im gonna have a sale on June 1st. 

Everyone that reads this post will be the 1st to get and use the promo code ! Now until June 5th recieve 20% off all deliciouse Raspberry products, thats good for lotions soaps and candles. Here it is LOVE2021 go ahead start using it now or send the promo code to a friend. I hope everyone continues to have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful and safe June ! Thanks again for the love !

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